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Punch TV studios will continue growing its media business through innovative growth in addition to planned efforts using the presentation of their most recent department: Punch tv studios Animation, Incorporated. URBT. Punch TV Media animation will target the progression of animated tv show and videos for distribution by Punch TV.

Punch TV Media, Inc. is investing $1 million dollars in Punch TV studios Animation Punch Animation, Inc
. Mr. Collins took over as Head of the company of Punch Animation URBT
stock symbol (URBT), formerly Urban Television Network Corp, and has worked hard to change the company around. Mr. Collins required to find the best business model to increase the organization. He is convinced that model is animation. We made an aggressive go on to employ Mr. Sullivan as the companies COO. To strengthen the firm employed Floyd Norman since its President of Creative Development. “We believe that both are seen to be the one-two punchtv the firm has got to stop using on the surface.” says Joseph collins.

Punch TV Media Animation, Inc. URBT
formerly were Urban Television Network, check here that is the first African-American owned and operated TV network US.

The Leader of Ingenious Development for the new Punch TV studios Animation, Corporation. is known maker Mr. Norman, as a famous artist, writer, and comic book adaptation animator. Floyd represents best-known to his videos Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians and Monsters, Inc. read more Floyd actually worked for the man himself, Walt Disney and makes generations of expertise in animation plus production to Punch Animation, Incorporated.

Emmy Winning Animator/Filmmaker, Mr. Sullivan is occurring on the job as Chief Operating Officer. Leo represents recognized to his feature film Flash Gordon, Pac-Man, Iron Man, Tiny Toons Adventures, Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. Leo has over fifty years of experience with regards to animation and it is a credentialed tutor of the State of California in Career Education Teaching. He also taught in the Art Institute of Orange punch tv studios County, guest lecturer at UCLA and Compton Community college Animation Arts Departments, worked for a lot of local community organizations and now have educated and mentored teens who've moved to work in major graphics companies.

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